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"performance" = ¿música?

"There Is a Rock Between And" (2022), after the Wapanucka Manual Labor School for Girls aka the Chickasaw Rock Academy, an Indian Boarding School funded by the coal industry in the 1850s. Performed at Abrons Arts Center for EmergeNYC '22 Works in Progress performance. 

this work is currently a sappling

At the back of Enrique's Unisex Barbershop

Past the half-full boxes of Christmas decorations marking the week after three kings day

Past each silver-guilded cubicle,

Islands where each barbero plays sonero top Bushwick’s scalp


You gotta go so you

paint girl dick into porcelain

Printer paper pleads

“Do not bot paper in the toilet, please,

No botar papel en el inodoro, por favor,



Walking back out, your glitter catches everything

Catches mirror catching mirror catching mirror catching


Catches the eyes of a laddered Bori, string lights + tinsel in hand

Catches no comments

Catches rows of cacos peludos anteriormente pegados a sus teléfonos


Dirty Jordans wading in currents of abandoned curls, lochs, and strands


Your glitter catches the eyes of Doña Rita,

Mask at her chin, showing perhaps the only smile your glitter illicit


In your afternoon caffeneited, cannabinated recollection

You ask yourself if she too had a dimple on her right cheek


Or if it was just a mirror caught mirror caught mirror caught

dendarry bakery

dendarry bakery

dendarry bakery

dendarry bakery

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