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Ithánali (I know) (2021)

music. Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate;

video. Mobéy Lola Irizarry

Ithánali is an imagined tale of a Chickasaw woman who is sent to be the first person to colonize Mars. The video shows her perspective leaving home and approaching Mars. 

VEO VEOH (2020)

text. Jai Geller and Mirror Machete

video and music. Mobéy Lola Irizarry

VEO VEOH is about the eponymous tagger from Saukiog (hartford, CT.) In this story, VEO has seen the progession from pre/nocolonial Indigenous Saukiog, it's subsequent violent conquest by europeans, the rise of hartford as an arms-based industrial hub, white flight and the subsequent disinvestment and abandoment of the Black/Brown/Latinx populations of Hartford, and the contemporary stages of gentrification that are situated within this legacy of colonialism.

Parallel to this all-knowing eye, VEO VEOH chronicles another eye. Hartford Police Department's overfunded, near-omnipresent security camera network. Trouble ensues. 

Vrúm (2020) 

video, composition, and percussion. Mobéy Lola Irizarry

bassoon. Ellie Urich

A reflection on motorcycles and the Ricky Renuncia movement




An Infant in Your Arms (2020) 

video and composition. Mobéy Lola Irizarry

poem. Hafez

reading. Jeremy Geller

cello and voice. Raffi Boden

trombone, bell, and voice. Aani Kisslinger

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