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"Las 10 de Bebé Machete" on Con Sabor a Coco


“Kimimaro” featured on Aislin Magazine

Music Video Round Up with Bebé Machete, Sean Henry – CT Verses

Profile by Hex Hernandez – Shot in Philly

Queer Your Ears – July, 2019 – AutoStraddle

“Ghazal” on Queer Your Ears Playlist – Autostraddle

“Ghazal” Premiere on IndieCurrent

“Ghazal” picks up like a lullaby, Bebé’s soothing baritone vocals leading gracefully into a mid-tempo jazz-folk arrangement. The track’s intensity waxes and wanes with relative ease, switching often between Spanish and English-sung verses before falling into a random swell of uptempo funk. The overall effect is disorienting and strange, closer to the form of two or three individual tracks, but here the stylistic oddity works. — Angel Fraden for IndieCurrent

Interview by Aislin Magazine

Equis Review by Le Sigh

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